The entire Kawakami team is committed to preserving the world that we have left. for ourselves, for our children and for our grandchildren. For us we feel that we can make a difference in more ways than one and we have done everything that we can as a company as a team and as individuals to help our planet. Kawakami has committed itself to offsetting the Carbon produced by both our coffee and crypto. Our goal is to bring the Kawakami umbrella to Net-Zero or Net-Minus though all means necessary. 



Another way that we are helping to protect our planet is a relatively passive way. Compostable products. Though you wouldn't think about it, compostable materials are very important when protecting our planet. For far too long we relied on individuals to do the responsible thing and recycle their containers when finished. Kawakami, is now making sure that we are using all compostable coffee packaging, and plan to keep advancing our efforts as the technology allows. 


In here you will find not only how Kawakami is giving back to the planet, you can find ways to help as well!