From Kawa To Coffee

Everyone can enjoy our coffee; it's not just for crypto lovers. We have done everything we can to ensure our blends are of the highest quality, and due to our unique position in the market, we are able to price our premium coffee at affordable prices.

Our ultimate goal with Café Kawakami is to bring utility to cryptocurrency and NFTs, bridging the gap between the digital and real worlds. We plan to enable NOWpayments in the store to allow you to pay for your coffee with most major cryptos, including $KAWA. For now though, you can order & enjoy our coffee using the usual payment methods.

Hot coffee beans

What is Kawa & Café Kawakami?

The Kawa ecosystem consists of:

  • Kawatools
  • Kawakami NFTs
  • Café Kawakami

They all provide value & utility to our token Kawa in their own way & holding Kawa can have many benefits within the Kawa ecosystem (for example, free access to our NFT whitelist, access to Kawatools, etc.).

Two smart phones side by side showing different screens within the Kawatools app.

How does Cafe Kawakami support Kawa?

Café Kawakami will be using 25% of profits to buy & burn Kawa tokens, which destroys those tokens forever. This reduces the the total supply of $KAWA available, thus spreading the market cap across fewer tokens, impacting the price per token in a favorable way.

•    •    •

We are excited to continue this journey with you all, thank you for being here from the start.