A Guide to Crypto, the Kawakami Token and NFTs

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If you already understand the basics and want to jump ahead, and learn more about Kawakami, start here. Otherwise, read on!

Every Crypto Rookie Has Questions 

What's all this about meme coins and Bored Apes? You just don't get it. We hear you. Everyone joins the crypto space knowing little to nothing about it. 

Here are five FAQs almost every newbie asks at the start of their journey to becoming crypto veterans, courtesy of Kawa team member, Kyle Parsons.

What is cryptocurrency?

During the recession of 2008, computer programmers got together to create a way for two different parties to pay each other without having to go through a bank. Bitcoin is the most popular and is only one of several thousands of different projects. Each project has unique features to benefit people who invest in the project. The value of each cryptocurrency is created by the supply and demand. Think of it as an alternative stock market.  

What is a wallet?

A wallet is a digital way of storing your cryptocurrency. Your wallet is protected by a private key (or password), which is a very complex password, making sure that your investments are secured. If you purchase your cryptocurrency on a site that does not provide you with a private key, you’re trusting them to keep your funds secured on your behalf, which can be risky. If you purchase, or move, your cryptocurrency to an exchange that provides you with a private key it provides more security. The safest option is to store your cryptocurrency in a cold wallet (a hardware device similar in size to a thumb drive), which is a way of protecting your funds offline so only you have access to them. 

Is it too late to get into crypto and NFTs?

While most investors seem to have gotten into cryptocurrency during the last bull run and made their purchases at much higher prices, the market has peaks and valleys, such as the stock market. Market cycles last 3-4 years and are commonly referred to as either a “bull run” or “bear market.” A bull run is a period of time in which the market is thriving, and massive gains are made. A bear market is a period of time where the demand for cryptocurrency is not high, which results in low price action. Bear markets are great opportunities to research projects and invest while prices are at a fraction of their actual worth.  To answer this question simply, cryptocurrency is still very early and has yet to see mass adoption. It’s not too late!  

Are there communities to help research cryptocurrencies and provide education?

Yes! There are applications called Telegram and Discord that are very helpful in gathering information on specific projects and cryptocurrencies. These apps can be downloaded on your phone or desktop and are very easy to navigate. It’s important to educate yourself on cryptocurrency projects before investing to limit risk and to better understand how your money is being used. Remember to always “DYOR” (Do your own research). This is a term commonly used in cryptocurrency, reminding investors to do your due diligence in how you’re spending your money. There are a lot of scammers in this industry, so it’s imperative to do your homework prior to investing!

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a Non-Fungible Token. In the simplest terms, it’s digital artwork that represents real-life objects and is a non-replicated collector’s item. Think of it as limited-edition baseball card or a very rare collector’s coin. Instead of it being a tangible object that you can hold in your hand, it’s a digital asset that’s stored in the “cryptoverse”, aka, the blockchain. As demand for specific NFT lines increase, so does the price. NFT’s can be bought directly from the company releasing the NFT, or on the secondary market once it’s in circulation. The rarer the NFT, the more valuable it’s likely to be. NFTs can have utility, as well, serving as avatars, gaming pieces, club memberships, or even as a tool to earn passive income through "staking."

Kawakami and Its Mint-to-Earn NFTs


Similar to another well-known and highly successful meme, Shiba Inu, $KAWA is an Ethereum-based ERC20 token or altcoin. At the moment, it trades on the defi platform Uniswap and on LBank, a centralized exchange. More centralized exchanges are coming soon.

With a total market cap of around $500K USD for its 999,999,999,999 token supply, Kawakami is currently a microcap. Security is top priority with the fully-doxxed team as it builds an ecosystem of tools and utility intended not just for Kawa, but for the safety of all memecoin investors.

Kawa's is Certik audited, the liquidity locked for 100 years, with multi-signature wallets ensuring no one person has access to the contract or marketing and development funds.

Pushing ahead with relentless speed, the Kawa has already passed the halfway mark on its ambitious roadmap. For a more in-depth look at the token, download Kawakami's whitepaper.


Dropping July 20th, Kawakami's Gen 0 NFT Collection celebrates the Lone Wolf's origin story with 4446 pieces created by a respected comic book artist. Minting will take place at nft.kawakami.io, with a whitelist price of 0.07 ETH (2223 spots available) and a public price of 0.09 ETH. A scarce number of 1/1 edition NFTs will be awarded to special holders.

Sneak Peeks of Kawakami NFTs

As if bad ass art weren't enough to make this collection a standout, every Kawakami NFT can be staked for passive income in the form of $KAWA tokens.

Informational chart with details of the Kawakami staking program

Holders will earn enough $KAWA in an initial 30-day period to purchase a Gen 1 NFT with the earnings. Both the Gen 0 and 1 collections are designed to worth with a future P2E Kawakami game. Profits from the mint will be plowed back into buying $KAWA, thus benefiting all token holders, with burn events, ETH kickbacks, and metaverse implementation to follow.

For the full story, download Kawakami's NFT whitepaper.

Have more questions about the Kawa token and NFT collections?

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