Our Journey

 Backpack with Map and Tin Coffee Mugs

One does not simply explain a journey. Business ventures often come at growing companies hard and fast, especially when comprised of a staff as diverse as the market itself. So, when explaining “our journey from crypto to coffee” I’ve personally gotten it down to two things: The human side AND the business side. 

The “human” side is, well, it’s personal. We love coffee here, there is no simpler way to say it. Myself and the Core Kawakami Team look at ourselves everyday and think, “not only do we love coffee, but so does, like, everyone else in this space!”. So we all relate. When we wake up, in the Crypto space, we all log on and immediately message each other first thing: “GM!” complete with the gif of the guy dumping a coffee pitcher on himself in the shower. And then, we do the 3 S’s and get to what is most important in life when you’re trying to push a business into the realms of badassery…Coffee. So we asked ourselves, “if we were going to chain ourselves to a whole NEW project, shouldn’t it be one we were passionate about?” I mean, isn’t it tried and true advice that when you do something you love, you never work a day in your life? Definitely. And so, we made the leap into the realms of coffee connoisseurs.  

So when we first started this, it was simply a question of “hey, why don’t we start a simple coffee drop-shipping company for side revenue?”. The funny thing is, it wasn’t so simple…that took some effort. Enter more coffee; lots and lots of coffee. Not only did we learn that it wasn’t just going to be just a “simple drop-shipping company”, but it would be welcoming Kawakami into a new space and a new world unto it. This was something different and we knew it. We also knew that we couldn’t just mess this up. So out went the idea of just some merch store, and in came the realization that this was going to be the big time. This was going to be…competitive, even for coffee standards. Focused on success, we brought all of the specialized research skills and DD (that’s Due Diligence) and did everything we could to meld, CRYPTO with COFFEE. I don’t mean just in the literal sense either. We wanted to bring people together. We researched and sourced the best beans, and plan to maintain that standard into subsequent easons. We will be using fully compostable materials and we plan to source even more planet friendly materials as they come available. All of our sourcing, we feel, will not only help promote brand awareness, but could help save this amazing planet we currently inhabit.

I’m sure you’ve noticed it at this point, but the more I talk about it, the more this becomes about business. It was inevitable and I couldn't avoid it, I even tried. They say not to meld business with pleasure, but that’s hard to do when you’re starting up a coffee company! Regardless, let’s get to the good part: why does it matter? Where is the money in it? As far as I’m concerned, coffee and crypto is the ultimate (UNTAPPED) jackpot . NOW, when I started this idea, there wasn’t anything, out there in the crypto/coffee space. “NUTHIN” (enter FRIDAY Gif*)  and now that we are launching Starbucks is now seeing the potential. (Give Reference)* 

RECAP- We wanted to start an outside revenue company for Kawakami (one that wasn’t real estate… **Cough, cough**)  Soo, we decided to start an online coffee store. Here’s the Kicker though, say we suck at advertising. I’m just being honest here, it's my blog, so for argument’s sake, say we do. In spite of that, we have a built-in crypto community that will hopefully buy and love this coffee. Fortunately, we can build the brand off of that, off of our people all over the world (which is what we’ve always wanted). BUT! Hopefully it doesn’t come to that, and I highly suspect that it will not come to that. Anywho, Say we DO Market well though…then we will be able to put revenues back into Kawakami and therefore they will be able to Compound each other, launching everything under the Kawakami umbrella upwards. Ill be Honest…I do have additional lans for Cafe Kawakami though.